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Function rc_mav_send_global_position_int

Function Documentation

int rc_mav_send_global_position_int(int32_t lat, int32_t lon, int32_t alt, int32_t relative_alt, int16_t vx, int16_t vy, int16_t vz, uint16_t hdg)

Packs and sends a packet of type MAVLINK_MSG_ID_GLOBAL_POSITION_INT.

  • lat[in] Latitude, expressed as * 1E7

  • lon[in] Longitude, expressed as * 1E7

  • alt[in] Altitude in meters, expressed as * 1000 (millimeters), above MSL

  • relative_alt[in] Altitude above ground in meters, expressed as * 1000 (millimeters)

  • vx[in] Ground X Speed (Latitude), expressed as m/s * 100

  • vy[in] Ground Y Speed (Longitude), expressed as m/s * 100

  • vz[in] Ground Z Speed (Altitude), expressed as m/s * 100

  • hdg[in] Compass heading in degrees * 100, 0.0..359.99 degrees. If unknown, set to: UINT16_MAX


0 on success, -1 on failure