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Capes are add-on boards for BeagleBone or PocketBeagle families of boards. Using a Cape add-on board, you can easily add sensors, communication peripherals, and more.

Please visit BeagleBoard.org - Cape for the list of currently available Cape add-on boards.

In the BeagleBone board family, there are many variants, such as BeagleBone Black, BeagleBone AI, BeagleBone AI-64 and compatibles such as SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green, SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless, SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Gateway and more.

The BeagleBone cape interface spec enables a common set of device tree overlays and software to be utilized on each of these different BeagleBone boards.

Each hardware has different internal pin assignments and the number of peripherals in the SoC, but the device tree overlay absorbs these differences.

The user of the Cape add-on boards are essentially able to use it across the corresponding Boards without changing any code at all.

Find the instructions below on using each cape: