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BeaglePlay is designed to make embedded Linux simpler with boundless options for connectivity, sensors, actuators and indicators without breadboarding or other complex wiring solutions.

BeagleBone is a family of ARM-based, Linux-capable boards intended to be bare-bones, with a balance of features to enable rapid prototyping and provide a solid reference for building end products.

PocketBeagle boards are ultra-tiny ARM-based, Linux-capable boards intended to be very low cost, with minimal features suitable for beginners and attractive to professionals looking for a more minimal starting point.

BeagleBone and PocketBeagle Capes are add-on boards for BeagleBone and PocketBeagle boards.

BeagleConnect boards are ARM microcontroller-based, Zephyr-capable boards meant to act as ultra low cost smart peripherals to their Linux-capable counterparts, with connectivity options that enable almost endless sensing and actuation expansion.

BeagleBoard is a family of ARM-based, Linux-capable boards where this project started.


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