This is the latest (main) BeagleBoard documentation. If you are looking for stable releases, use the drop-down menu on the bottom-left and select the desired version.

Support Information

All support for this design is through community at: link: forum .

Hardware Design

You can find all BeagleBone AI-64 hardware files here under the hw folder.

Software Updates

Follow instructions below to download the latest image for your BeagleBone AI-64:

  1. Go to distro page.

  2. Filter Software Distributions for BeagleBone AI-64 from dropdown and download the image.

Filter Software Distributions for BeagleBone AI-64

Fig. 75 Filter Software Distributions for BeagleBone AI-64


You can follow the Update board with latest software guide for more information on flashing the downloaded image to your board.

To see what SW revision is loaded into the eMMC check /etc/dogtag. It should look something like as shown below,

` root@BeagleBone:~# cat /etc/dogtag Debian Bullseye Xfce Image 2022-01-14 `

RMA Support

If you feel your board is defective or has issues, request an Return Merchandise Application (RMA) by filling out the form at . You will need the serial number and revision of the board. The serial numbers and revisions keep moving. Different boards can have different locations depending on when they were made. The following figures show the three locations of the serial and revision number.

Troubleshooting video output issues


When connecting to an HDMI monitor, make sure your miniDP adapter is active. A passive adapter will not work. See Fig: Display adapters.

Getting Help

If you need some up to date troubleshooting techniques, you can post your queries on link: forum