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Change History

This section describes the change history of this document and board. Document changes are not always a result of a board change. A board change will always result in a document change.

Document Change History

This table seeks to keep track of major revision cycles in the documentation. Moving forward, we’ll seek to align these version numbers across all of the various documentation.

Table 8 Table 1: Change History






AI-64 initial prototype

September 2021

James Anderson


AI-64 final prototype

December 2021

James Anderson


AI-64 initial production release

June 9, 2022

Deepak Khatri and Jason Kridner

Board Changes

Be sure to check the board revision history in the schematic file in the BeagleBone AI-64 git repository . Also check the issues list .

Rev B

We are starting with revision B based on this being an update to the BeagleBone Black AI. However, because this board ended up being so different, we’ve decided to name it BeagleBone AI-64, rather than simply a new revision. This refers to the Seeed release on 21 Dec 2021 of “BeagleBone AI-64_SCH_Rev B_211221”. This is the initial production release.