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Function rc_filter_first_order_lowpass

Function Documentation

int rc_filter_first_order_lowpass(rc_filter_t *f, double dt, double tc)

Creates a first order low pass filter.

Any existing memory allocated for f is freed safely to avoid memory leaks and new memory is allocated for the new filter. dt is in units of seconds and time_constant is the number of seconds it takes to rise to 63.4% of a steady-state input. This can be used alongside rc_first_order_highpass to make a complementary filter pair.

  • f[out] Pointer to user’s rc_filter_t struct

  • dt[in] desired timestep of discrete filter in seconds

  • tc[in] time constant: Seconds it takes to rise to 63.4% of a steady-state input


Returns 0 on success or -1 on failure.