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All support for BeagleV Ahead design is through BeagleBoard.org community at BeagleBoard.org forum.

Production board boot media#

Certifications and export control#

Export designations#

  • HS:

  • US HS:

  • EU HS:

Size and weight#

  • Bare board dimensions:

  • Bare board weight:

  • Full package dimensions:

  • Full package weight:

Additional documentation#

Hardware docs#

For any hardware document like schematic diagram PDF, EDA files, issue tracker, and more you can checkout the BeagleV Ahead design repository.

Software docs#

For BeagleV Ahead specific software projects you can checkout all the BeagleV Ahead project repositories group.

Support forum#

For any additional support you can submit your queries on our forum, https://forum.beagleboard.org/c/beaglev


Change History#


This section describes the change history of this document and board. Document changes are not always a result of a board change. A board change will always result in a document change.

Board Changes#

For all changes, see https://git.beagleboard.org/beaglev-ahead/beaglev-ahead. Versions released into production are noted below.

Table 82 BeagleV Ahead board change history#