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IP settings#

You will usually want to have a fixed ip if you are doing robotics, so you have a standard ip to connect to. If you are already connected in dhcp you can borrow some of the settings from that to use in your new configurations.


make a note of the default one, (in the example below

cat /etc/resolv.conf

make a note of the nameserver, (in the example below

In my case I wanted to do this,

sudo -s
connmanctl config wifi_f45eab2f1ee1_6372797774616c_managed_psk --ipv4 manual --nameservers

the –ipv4 says to use ipv4 settings (as opposed to ipv6), the manual means we are setting the values. is the ip address we want. (use your own of course). is the network mask is the route to the internet. (You’re might be different, but this is common). –nameservers says where to find the ip address for a given domain name. the says use’s googles