This is the latest (main) BeagleBoard documentation. If you are looking for stable releases, use the drop-down menu on the bottom-left and select the desired version.

Play with the codeΒΆ

The board has some code built in to the system that can allow you to try out the various options. They all start with rc

rc_balance            rc_dsm_passthrough    rc_test_encoders
rc_battery_monitor    rc_kill               rc_test_filters
rc_benchmark_algebra  rc_spi_loopback       rc_test_imu
rc_bind_dsm           rc_startup_routine    rc_test_motors
rc_blink              rc_test_adc           rc_test_polynomial
rc_calibrate_dsm      rc_test_algebra       rc_test_servos
rc_calibrate_escs     rc_test_barometer     rc_test_time
rc_calibrate_gyro     rc_test_buttons       rc_test_vector
rc_calibrate_mag      rc_test_cape          rc_uart_loopback
rc_check_battery      rc_test_dmp           rc_version
rc_check_model        rc_test_drivers
rc_cpu_freq           rc_test_dsm

Try them out to try out the various functions of the board. The source code for these tests and demos is at Robotics cape installer at github