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Change History#

This section describes the change history of this document and board. Document changes are not always a result of a board change. A board change will always result in a document change.

Document Change History#

Table 58 AsciiDoc Change History#







January 4, 2013



Production release

January 8.2013



  1. Added information on Power button and the battery access points.

  2. Final production released version.

April 1 2013



  1. Edited version.

  2. Added numerous pictures of the Rev A5A board.

April 23 2013



  1. Updated serial number locations.

  2. Corrected the feature table for 4 UARTS

  3. Corrected eMMC pin table to match other tables in the manual.

April 30, 2013



  1. Corrected revision listed in section 2. Rev A5A is the initial production release.

  2. Added all the locations of the serial numbers

  3. Made additions to the compatibility list.

  4. Corrected <<table-7>> for LED GPIO pins.

  5. Fixed several typos.

  6. Added some additional information about LDOs and StepDown converters.

  7. Added short section on HDMI.

May 12, 2013



  1. Release of the A5B version.

  2. The LEDS were dimmed by changing the resistors.

  3. The serial termination mode was incorporated into the PCB.

May 20, 2013



  1. Added information on Rev A5C

  2. Added PRU/ICSS options to tables for P8 and P9.

  3. Added section on USB Host Correct modes on <<table-15>>.

  4. Fixed a few typos

June 16, 2013



  1. Updated assembly revision to A6.

  2. PCB change to add buffer to the reset line and ground the oscillator GND pin.

  3. Added resistor on PCB for connection of OSC_GND to board GND.

August 9, 2013



  1. Added Rev A6 changes.

October 11, 2013



  1. Added Rev A6A changes

December 17, 2013



  1. Changed the processor to the AM3358BZCZ

January 20, 2013



  1. Changed the eMMC from 2GB to 4GB.

  2. Added additional supplier to DDR2 and eMMC.

March 21,2014



  1. Added note to recommend powering off the board with the power

March 22, 2014



Numerous community edits and format changes to asciidoc.

May 6, 2020



Added information for board rev C3.

August 24, 2021


Board Changes#

Rev C3a#

PCB revision C.

  • New USB Type-A connector.

Rev C3#

PCB revision C.

Initial boxes mistakenly say rev C1.

Rev C2#

PCB revision B6.

Rev C1#

PCB revision B6.

  • Update memories based on availability. See beagleboard/beaglebone-black.

    • DDR3:

      • Micron MT41K256M16TW-107:P

    • eMMC:

      • Micron MTFC4GACAJCN-1M WT

      • Kingston EMMC04G-S100-A08U

Rev C#

  • Changed the eMMC from 2GB to 4GB.

2GB devices are getting harder to get as they are being phased out. This required us to move to 4GB. We now have two sources for the device. This will however, require an increase in the price of the board.

Rev B#

  • Changed the processor to the AM3358BZCZ100.

Rev A6A#

  • Added connection from 32KHz OSC_GND to system ground and changed C106 to 1uF.

  • Changes C25 to 2.2uF. This resolved an issue we were seeing in a few boards where the board would not boot in 1 in 20 tries.

  • Change required PCB revision to B6.

Rev A6#

  • In random instances there could be a glitch in the SYS_RESETn signal from the processor where the SYS_RESETn signal was taken high for a momentary amount of time before it was supposed to. To prevent this, the signal was ORed with the PORZn (Power On reset).

  • Noise issues were observed in other design where the clock oscillator was getting hit due to a suspected issue in ground bounce. A zero ohm resistor was added to connect the OSC_GND to the system ground.

There are no new features added as a result of these changes.

Rev A5C#

We were seeing some fallout in production test where we were seeing some jitter on the HDMI display test. It started showing up on our second production run. R46, R47, R48 were changed to 0 ohm from 33 ohm. R45 was taken from 330 ohm to 22 ohm.

We do not know of any boards that were shipped with this issue as this issue was caught in production test. No impact on features or functionality resulted from this change.

Rev A5B#

There is no operational difference between the Rev A5A and the Rev A5B. There were two changes made to the A5B version.

  • Due to complaints about the brightness of the LEDs keeping people awake at night, the LEDs were dimmed. Resistors were changed from 820 ohms to 4.75K ohms.

  • The PCB revision was updated to incorporate the hand mod that was being done on the board during manufacturing. The resistor was incorporated into the next revision of the PCB.

The highest supported resolution is now listed as 1920x1080@24Hz. This was not a result of any hardware changes but only updated software. The A5A version also supports this resolution.

Rev A5A#

This is the initial production release of the board. We will be tracking changes from this point forward.